Owner's Representation Services


As Owner’s Representative, VM Consulting provides leadership and strategic guidance to the client through all phases of the project while protecting the owner’s interests at all times. We will help create a collaborative environment that challenges the project team to generate innovative and cost-saving solutions for the project. The owner maintains all decision-making authority and all contractual relationships are held by the owner. Unlike a construction manager, an owner's representative is not focused only on the tasks but is actively weighing the consequences of all tasks, from all the disciplines involved in the project, identifying potential issues that may arise during a project development.

VM Consulting provides owners with the value-added resources they need to develop a successful project. We have a team of full-time employees and collaborators that includes engineers, architects, expediters, estimators, schedulers, special inspectors and construction professionals with extensive experience and skills that are applied throughout each phase of a project. Our team will help the owner address specific challenges that arise during the project development.

We will represent the owner during all stages of the project, we will be serving as a single point of contact between all the project team members and we will help pushing the project forward.

Project Inception.

  • We can help with the project schedule and budget and we can provide advice regarding potential project pitfalls and suggesting solutions.

  • We can also attend zoning and planning approval meetings.

  • We can help select the design team and review design proposals.

Design Phase

  • During this phase we can oversee the project coordination, and we can provide comprehensive reviews of design plans and specifications for all the trades, including value engineering and constructability reviews.

  • We can help the design team and expediter to identify all required applications, permits and approvals and to determine the best ways to get the project approved.

  • We will conduct and represent the owner in design meetings and conference calls.

  • If requested, we can help with Building Information Modeling (BIM) of the project, coordination of the design components and early clash detection.

Bidding and Pre-construction Phases

  • During the bidding phase, we will help with bid document review and bid package preparation.

  • We will evaluate insurance requirements and options and assist in procurement of coverage.

  • We will assist the owner in evaluations of bids and in contract negotiations and final General Contractor selection.

  • We can assist with identifying issues with adjacent properties, to help the legal team deal with agreements and to identify the required pre-construction surveys, monitoring and site protection of adjacent properties, etc.

Pre-construction and Construction Phases

  • We will help review the initial project schedule and monitor the construction schedule and alert the owner to conditions that may lead to delays in the completion of work, construction schedule issues and future change orders.

  • We can identify and log all required shop drawing, samples, and other submittals and facilitate timely production and turnaround by the design team and vendors. We will assist the contractor to ensure the latest record copies.  We can provide help with issuing and receiving field RFIs.

  • If requested, we can help with Building Information Modeling (BIM) of the construction phase of project, including implementation and coordination of the construction models for the building components.

  • We will help the owner monitor the construction process to make sure it is built in compliance with design and specifications. 

  • We will conduct and represent the owner at project meetings and we will manage agendas, meeting minutes and action items.

  • If requested, we can provide on-site oversight and construction monitoring, including documentation and written record regarding the construction progress, problems and recommended solutions.

  • We can monitor status of inspections, keep track of Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) and make sure they are addressed and closed in a timely manner.

  • We will help review incoming change orders and advocate on the part of the owner during change order disputes or other modifications and disagreements, modifications.

  • If requested, we can maintain project records including correspondence, contract documents, change orders, construction change directives, site meeting minutes and reports, etc.

Final Acceptance

  • If requested, we can help coordinate architect, consultant, and owner punch lists as construction nears completion.

  • We can help review the list of items to be completed or corrected by the contractor and architect for issuance of Certificate of Substantial Completion. 

  • We can help review the architect’s submittals of owner’s documentation required by the contractor at the completion of the work, including warranties, operation and maintenance manuals, etc.

  • If requested, we can coordinate project close-out documentation, including as-builts, bonds and warranties and oversee final acceptance inspections of all aspects of the project.